the double gold standard.

Additive free • Family Owned • 100% Single Estate Blue Agave de Michoacan

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  • 100% Single Estate Blue Agave
  • 100% Additive Free
  • 100% Family Owned & Operated
  • NOM 1499

As a small family brand, you won't find us everywhere.  Mi Casa has always been an joy that is mostly shared through word of mouth.  

We are artisans based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We farm agave on our beautiful ranch in Michoacan Mexico where our founder, Ezequiel Duarte Rodriguez was raised.

We farm agave and make tequila because we can, not because we have to. To love tequila is to love the sun and the earth and dirt and the rain.  Mi Casa encapsulates all that.  In fact, we are the only single estate tequila from Michoacan in the US market.

Our tequilas are and will always be additive free and produced with the attention to detail that respects the agave.  We steam cook our agaves and distill them twice in stainless steel.  After, we let our blanco sit for 6 months before bottling which accounts for it's structure and silky smooth finish.  Our rested expressions are aged in Jack Daniels barrels for 10 (Reposado) and 30 months (Añejo). 



Mi Casa Blanco

2011 Monterrey Tequila Harvest - Silver Medal
2011 New York International Spirits Competition - Silver Medal
2011 Spirits of Mexico - Silver Medal
2012 New York International Spirits Competition - Silver Medal
2013 The Fifty Best List - Gold Medal
2014 San Francisco International Spirits Competition - Double Gold

Mi Casa Reposado

2011 New York International Spirits Competition - Silver Medal
2012 New York International Spirits Competition - Bronze Medal
2013 The Fifty Best List - Double Gold


Mi Casa Añejo

2011 New York International Spirits Competition - Silver Medal
2012 New York International Spirits Competition - Bronze Medal
2013 Craft Spirits Awards - Gold Medal

Portfolio Awards

2011 Monterrey Tequila Harvest - People's Choice Award
2012 New York International Spirits Competition - Tequila Distillery of the Year


Our Story

It began as a love story.

Quetzecoatl was heading towards battle.  He sought to destroy the evil witch who demanded blood for rain and caused pain to an already suffering mankind.  When he arrived at her liar he found her grand daughter whose name is Mayahuel. She was imprisoned by the witch so Quetzecoatl freed her.  Together they fled and fell in love. They sought refuge on earth where they disguised themselves as trees so they could meditate on light touches and soft whispers. 

In this way they lived for an age until their debt was due.  

On a stormy night the evil witch found them and struck Mayahuel with lightning until her earthly manifestation was in tatters.  It was then that Quetzecoatl cried upon the earth and where his tears met her remains, agave grew for the first time.

My father Ezequiel Duarte Rodriguez had the vision of creating a means to bless his family and did it through agriculture.  Together with my mother Carmen, my parents planted our first lot of agave in the highlands of Michocan in the year 2000.  Our intentions have always sharply focused on providing a world for our children that is bright, adventurous and mysterious. 

In many ways Mi Casa Tequila is a generational product.  It is a small batch single estate spirit brought to you by a pair of first generation creative types, working alongside our parents to bring you the award winning spirit of Michoacan.

Welcome to Mi Casa.

- Eli Rodriguez

Below: Virtual Reality Artwork by Eli Rodriguez inspired by Mi Casa Tequila and the spirit our family's journey.  See it here.


Honest Lou says...

Most readers know me as a blanco lover, and trust me when I say that ‘Mi Casa’ is a clean, tasty, delicious blanco, and it’s now one of my very favorites, and this needs to be sampled by blanco purists.



ezequiel RODRIGUEZ

Quick to smile and brimming with hospitality, Ezequiel has created a steady source of income and employment for the community surrounding our plantation.  

Ezequiel is always planning for a progressive future for the younger generations and has accomplished his initial goal, of making the land productive as well as to produce a tequila that is distinctive.  


Carmen, a person who wears many hats, her focus is on supporting all aspects of our company, whether its dealing with the CRT or with ABC, the plantation or distillery, she is our liaison in the community and oversees the marketing and sales division of our company, 1933 Spirits, LLC.

Carmen enjoys spending her free time with her family, reading and gardening.   



Cristina is head of Sales, Marketing, Events and Advertising. 

With a strong background in creative design, she is instrumental in brand development, label design, and current and developing marketing campaigns.

Cristina is driven by future projects on the family plantation which hope to incorporate art and creative expression into sustainable eco housing solutions.


Eli is responsible for the design, strategy & profile of the entire 1933 Spirits portfolio. In addition he is our in house designer, responsible for packaging, advertisements & marketing assets.

Eli is a key liaison with San Francisco media, nightlife and the bartending industry as a whole. His knowledge of spirits extends far beyond tequila and having him on the team gives us a warm, happy feeling inside, just like our tequilas!

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