In many ways Mi Casa Tequila is a generational product.  It is a small batch single estate spirit brought to you by a pair of first generation creative types, working alongside their parents to bring you the spirit of their land in a time when the world has opened itself up to boutique distillates. 

Mi Casa Tequila is a story about a family.  I could tell you my side of it but it would only be part of a whole.  I can try to describe my abuelito Ezequiel and how much I loved the warmth of his leathery skin or what it was like to plant agave on the ranch he loved after he passed on.  I could tell you all manner of things but they’d only be glimpses of a bigger thing.

Our family started growing Blue Agave in the year 2000 in the highlands of Michoacan, on the land that my father and his father loved and lived on.  Before we started growing agave the land stood wild, like a scene from a western, home to horses, cows and the occasional coyote.  Today it’s an ashen green ocean which thrives beneath the Mexican Sun.

The journey from the day we first planted to the day we released Mi Casa Tequila took over eleven years.  In those eleven years our family has grown and matured in many blessed ways.  We work as a unit & share the vision of making our mark on the world a positive one.

Our long time vision is to provide an exceptional single-estate tequila at the most affordable price, while maximizing efficiency at every level of production.  We hope to build a legacy of cultural development, employment and financially aid philanthropic efforts to improve the quality of life both domestically and abroad.


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Belmont, CA

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