Our Story

Now there are different versions of this story but you should know that agave has a long history, recorded by the Aztecs and other Meso American religions.

Sean Ludford of Bevx.com offers a beautiful recount:

"Long ago, in earth earliest days, humans found their world bathed in darkness. The evil goddess Tzintzimitl had consumed the sun and all its light. Quetzalcoatl, the god of redemption and giver of life, was angered by Tzintzimitl’s deed and ascended to the heavens to give battle. While pursuing Tzintzimitl he discovered Mayahuel, her beautiful granddaughter who was being held against her will.

Quetzalcoatl instantly fell in love with Mayahuel and returned to earth with her at his side. This infuriated Tzintzimitl and she searched everywhere for the pair. They were forced to hide and scurry from place to place keeping one step ahead of the evil goddess. Weary of running, Quetzalcoatl determined to disguise himself and Mayahuelas branches on a tree carefully positioned so the breeze would cause the two branches to sweep and caress each other. This scheme was eventually discovered and in a fit a rage Tzintzimitl ripped the branch possessing the soul of Mayahuel from the tree and broke it in to tiny pieces. Devastated, Quetzalcoatl slew Tzintzimitl returning light to this world but his love was gone.

He buried the pieces of the broken branch and drenched the ground in his tears giving life to the first agave plant. Quetzalcoatl drank the plant’s sweet nectar but it gave him little joy until the gods bestowed “special” properties to the agave to comfort Quetzalcoatl’s heart and soul."

The Aztecs believed that when you drank the 'pulque' which is the natural nectar of agave, that the 'spirit' of Mayahuel resided inside, therefore the consumption of agave's juices were used then ceremonially and with great respect for for the 'spirit.'

As farmers, it's easy to romanticize agave.  We expend tremendous amounts of time and energy caring for our agave and exert the same amount of heart capturing the spirit of love, patience and sacrifice that is Mi Casa Tequila.

We are a small family business that started back in the year 2000, shortly after my grandfather Ezequiel Rodriguez lost his battle to pancreatic cancer.  If you've ever lost a parent that you loved, you know that words never feel adequate enough to honor them.  So my father took action.

The ambition and vision it took to turn his father's bare grazing land into a sea of ashen green agave, could only be realized with heart...and with help.  No one person is responsible for Mi Casa Tequila.  It is truly a family venture where everyone involved does whatever must be done so we can provide our beloved children with the love, attention and resources they need to manifest their full potential.

Welcome to Mi Casa.

- Arthur 'Eli' Rodriguez, aka The Spirit Ambassador

Here are scenes from the VIRTUAL REALITY ART WORK inspired by Quetzacoatl, Mayahuel and Mi Casa Tequila. View the experience in Google Tiltbrush (requires desktop VR and Tiltbrush).


Honest Lou says...

Most readers know me as a blanco lover, and trust me when I say that ‘Mi Casa’ is a clean, tasty, delicious blanco, and it’s now one of my very favorites, and this needs to be sampled by blanco purists.
— longislandloutequila.com